Care for

the Product

Keep your jewelry looking its best with simple maintenance. The care you provide for your jewellery will be rewarding by providing years of pleasurable wear.

Polishing Cloths

Sterling silver tarnishes naturally and requires occasionally cleaning. Storing your jewelry in plastic bags with an interlocking seal when not in use slows the tarnishing process. Never store Pearls in plastic bags. Polish Sterling Silver, and other precious metals carefully with a Sunshine Cloth.

Valuable Tips

  • Try to protect all jewelry from sharp blows, harsh chemicals, sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Chlorine and related chemicals can severely discolor and damage jewelry as well as loosen stones and settings.
  • Put jewelry on after using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes to avoid contact with substances and chemicals which may cause damage.
  • Remove rings when working with your hands, such as performing household tasks, gardening and using abrasive particles.

Carefully wipe jewelry with a soft chamois or flannel cloth after each wearing to remove oils and salts.

Ring cleaning services available, prices vary by jewellery type.