As jewelry designers, we carefully select the highest quality diamonds, gemstones, pearls and metals possible, while still being able to offer our designs to you at reasonable prices.

After forming deep within the earth over thousands of years, these remarkable, naturally occurring minerals have been discovered and shaped by expert human hands. Beginning in civilization's earliest days, people have been fascinated by our planet's natural treasures, and used these raw materials to craft some of the most beautiful and valued human adornment throughout history.

Bijou is honored to offer you our designs using the earth's most beautiful treasures.

Bijou hand selects each gemstone; Ashiq and Léonie choose stones for their luster, shape, depth and colour. The stone is then developed with either sterling silver, all karats of gold, platinum or palladium using both hand crafting techniques or casting machines that create a unique piece every time.

Ashiq and Léonie travel the world to find the best resources and superior materials to ensure that the customer receives the best possible jewellery. Bijou has established a high reputation for exquisite gemstone quality. Browse through our online collections to experience the vision of Bijou or visit us in our stores to see more.